Metaverse Expo

Metaverse Expo


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  • 2022-06-15 9:00 to 2022-06-17 18:00

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Metaverse Expo

2022-06-15 9:00 to 2022-06-17 18:00
June 15, 2022


About Metaverse Expo

The government, in the Korean version of New Deal 2.0, aims to ‘fostering new industries enabled by hyper-connectivity such as metaverse’. It plans to invest KRW 2.6 trillion by 2025, which responds to the acceleration of digital convergence in all industries and will contribute to the intensive promotion of new hyper-connected business such as the metaverse.
The combination of NFT and blockchain technology is creating new business opportunities.

METAVERSE EXPO 2022 will introduce new industries that help hyper-connectivity between industries such as VR, AR, and XR as well as metaverse.


It will also provides opportunities for new business creation, entry into emerging markets, and networking through a variety of associated events such as online export consultations, presentations of new technologies/products, awards, and conferences.

Discover new business opportunities at METAVERSE EXPO 2022!

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