Level up your health, earn rewards and compete in the metaverse. FightOut will track your real-life workouts and improve your avatar’s stats as you progress.

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December 14, 2022

ICO Ends Date:

March 31, 2023

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ICO Details
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About FightOut

FightOut is a move-2-earn fitness app and gym chain that gamifies the fitness lifestyle. Users are rewarded for completing workouts and challenges, earning badges, and growing the community.

The current ICO plans to raise money to fund the project that plans to build a fitness app with web3 aspects, plus build physical gym locations with move-2-earn progress tracking in mind.”


The app is designed to provide everything the user needs to become fighting fit and ready for the Fight Out gaming ecosystem. It also is a significant source of user acquisition in the mass web2 market.

The platform will feature fitness content and masterclasses run by elite-level athletes to inspire, educate, and guide users in their training. In-app content is a significant catalyst for the project’s long-term success, giving fitness enthusiasts and people eager to get into fitness the guidance, inspiration, and rewards to get fitter.

Technique-focused courses will feature strongly in the platform, beginning with the ‘First Steps’ boxing program. In this in-app video series, pro boxing coaches run a structured program introducing users to the fundamentals of boxing, from punching to footwork, dodging, and Fight IQ. At the end of this course, the user can be ‘graded’ to earn their First Steps boxing badge.

Content will be filmed from Fight Out’s gym studio, a facility explicitly geared towards premium content with the high production value to boost the Fight Out brand and act as a unique selling point for fitness enthusiasts using existing fitness solutions.

Community is at the heart of Fight Out. Badges can be earned for achievements. These are soul-bound proof of achievement. The Fight Out platform will allow users to share their newly acquired cosmetics, badges, and achievements with the Fight Out community.

Fight Out features a Stake-for-Membership model where users can stake $FGHT for 12 months to gain free access to the platform and exclusive perks and rewards based on the quantity of $FGHT they stake. Tech partnerships and smooth UX make it easy for non-Web3 natives to purchase and stake $FGHT, substantially reducing the circulating supply of $FGHT.

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2022 Q4

• Presale website launch
• Institutional round
• Token contract deployment and audit
• Marketing campaign launch
• Athlete and Ambassador social campaigns
• FightOut merchandising

2023 Q1

CEX Listing drive
• Founding round closes
• Acquire the first FightOut gym
• Invitational FightOut app testing
• Limited edition fighter NFTs launched
• Official FightOut website launched
• SFGHT staking launched

2023 Q2

• FightOut app launch
• App Launch Party
• NFT Avatar Launch
• First pro-fighter workouts launched

2023 Q3

• Additional functionality including additional ways to track exercises, and new ways to earn REPS
• 'First Steps' boxing course launched
• First NFT cosmetics launched
• More earnable badges and badge perks unlocked
• More on demand workouts
• Expanded in-app social features

2023 Q4 & BEYOND

• FightOut gym grand opening
• In-app marketplace
• FightOut gym membership NFT launch
• Even more on-demand and live workouts
• Launch challenges for REPS
• Launch PVP contests
• Launch FightOut Metaverse

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Carl Jones

Carl Jones

Carl Jones

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